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Leveraging the power of technology and machine learning to optimize your marketing and sales process.







Put qualified buyers in your diary

Robin calls himself a marketing automation nerd. But, we call him RedRobin because he is a man of action, sees red when his time is wasted and well, his name is Robin.

Accomplished waterman and founder of the internationally acclaimed “Freedom Paddle” around Robben Island, commemorating Nelson Mandela, Robin hates mediocrity, along with fuzzy notions and concepts that no one has bothered to clarify – in other words he hates being inefficient and wasting time. Robin likes to “get shit done”

As the lead-entrepreneur and CEO of RedRobin, he is blazing trails in the world of marketing automation, building a scalable “marketing engine” that ingests business and product requirements, and using automation integrated and alongside AI and ML, executes flawless marketing and sales campaigns that deliver qualified buyers directly into your diary.


Build a high-value sales pipeline

Traditional sales prospecting methods are labour intensive, tedious, time-consuming and expensive, relying heavily on networks, connections and relationships.

Some say that’s a good thing. But, it doesn’t work quickly and it doesn’t scale well. In a modern sense, its a dinosaur compared to what’s possible using technology.

Today, high-value prospects are those that choose themselves and volunteer or opt-in to find out more about your products or services.

They’ll arrive though, with high expectations, and will only buy if you help them get to know more about you, like what they find out, try what they are interested in, learn to trust, and have easy paths to purchase.

Oh, and if you are better than the competition!

If you’re happy to do this one-on-one, we will leave things just there. On the other hand, if you’d like to see what this looks like at scale, …


Turn leads into sales

Generating tons of leads doesn’t do much for your business if you don’t have the capability or capacity to turn these leads into sales.

Lead-generating at scale means sales conversations at scale, with lots of prospects, most of which won’t end up buying, no matter how much effort you put into it. It’s also expensive and time consuming.

On the other hand, if you prefer to be smart about it, automate the tedious and repetitive parts and smartly filter out the sales conversations that aren’t going anywhere, we have the answers.

This will leave you with so much more time, energy and resources to pour into those conversations that will turn into sales.


Shorten “close-to-customer” cycles

The first thing that happens when sales closes the deal, is admin! It’s pain, boring and time-consuming and sales people hate it!

That’s why so many sales fall through the tracks even after they’re closed.

Good sales people know that every minute that goes by between a closed and a contracted deals, increases the chances of a sale going sideways, out the door.

Automated onboarding has an important role to play in the sales and marketing world as the most critical period in the relationship with customers is immediately after they agree to buy.

On-boarding automation triggers immediate action towards ensuring that sales efforts are fruitful and the invoicing cycle begins as soon as possible after closing the deal.


Profit from existing customer relationships with referrals

Referral automation delivers free sales. You don’t need to make any effort or investment. Your happy customers will do it for you.

When a customer recommends your products and services, they put their own reputation on the line, and you can’t afford to let them down.

According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know, compared to only 33% who trust ads. Referred customers also had a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired through other methods and 25% higher satisfaction and retention rates.

So, ignoring or losing Referral sales will not only lose you business but cost you business whereas automating your referral program will mean you get it right every time. And, you can automate the process of saying thank-you to your customers when they do refer you.

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Teams of experts

Great technology products mean nothing without the teams of exceptional people that drive them to become successful companies. We believe in the power of entrepreneurialism to improve and uplift society one person and one family at a time. We also believe that charity begins at home. That’s why we encourage everyone that works with us, to back themselves and start a business, and we provide infrastructure investment and support to help them succeed. It’s not just something we say, here are some real life examples of our intrapreneur investment program.

Micah Frank

Micah is leading CLOUD SERVICES ACUMEN into the future, packaging specialised Cloud services into tailor-made busines solutions for SME’s.

Micah will take you into the clouds and keep you safe there!

Claire Bester

Claire loves data and is using it to invest in herself and her team as the leader of DATA ACUMEN. Contact her for a Modern Data Estate that will save you time and money whilst unleashing the power of your data.

Mark Morris

With more than 4 decades of experience, Mark used his MARKETING ACUMEN to help his team start our purpose-built Marketing Automation Agency, REDROBIN, under the guidance of Robin Tindall.

If you’re looking to convert leads into sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Alex van den Bosch

When he isn’t designing and architecting complex IT systems, Alex is blazing the trail in mobile telecommunications with MOBINET.

If you’re looking for a Mobile PABX that work from home or on the road, makes you money and saves you time, call Alex.

Cobus van Deventer

Cobus’s passion for people and projects drew him to spearhead GiGTRIBE, a platform where you can find teams of specialists ready to deliver success using structured and curated processes along with specialised tools to ensure successful outcomes. Contact Cobus to find out more.

We build technology to blaze new trails by working with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas and big dreams.


CEO / Founder, Acumen