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Taking your business to new heights

Cloud Services Acumen takes business into the cloud, to protect, nurture and grow them safely, efficiently and cost effectively.







Digital Transformation

Digital transformation through cloud computing has a profound impact on your businesses, with significant growth in revenue and profits.

Accessing a range of powerful tools and resources previously unavailable, enables you to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and reach new customers.

Cloud-based business also has enhanced data security, scalability, and flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs more quickly and effectively.

Cloud computing provides a strong foundation for growth and success in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business landscape.


Cloud Solutions Architecture

A good cloud solution architecture is fundamental to the performance of your online business. It’s crucial to balance performance against cost and provide the ability to scale elastically as your business grows.

A well architected cloud solution prevents online attacks, keeping Intellectual Property, data and transactions confidential and secure to protect your online assets.

This gives you peace of mind that your business is safe and secure.

Being able to scale up or down as needed, means that we can optimize costs and ensure you are only paying for what you need.


Identity & Security

We take a professional approach to identity and security, integrating Azure AD with your existing infrastructure. We design solutions that are flexible enough to grow with your business as it scales up and down, whilst being secure enough to know that your business is safe in the cloud.

We will help you implement automated services such as self-service password reset, multifactor authentication, and conditional access for your applications.

We’ll also help you ensure that only authorized users have access to data through application authentication.

Our teams help protect large, global organisations and local SMEs. You’re never too big or small to be connected and protected.


Data Compliance

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach to compliance is more important than ever.

Not long ago, managing data just meant dealing with documents and emails. Pervasive digital technology and the rapid shift to remote work have greatly expanded the information universe. Much of that data becomes stale or unused immediately after creation and contains information that could impose a compliance risk.

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements. But first, you need to know what data you have, where it is, how it’s being used, and compliance risks that may exist.

Data Risk Management gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data.


IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management is a key component of IT Management as a Service provided by IT Services vendors.

It encompasses the planning, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of an organization’s IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks, and data centres.

The main objective of IT Infrastructure Management is to ensure the optimal functioning of IT systems to meet business needs, minimize downtime, and enhance performance. IT Infrastructure Management may involve various services such as network monitoring, security management, software updates, and backup and recovery solutions.

By providing IT Infrastructure Management as a Service, IT Services vendors can help organizations improve their operational efficiency, reduce IT costs, and ensure the reliability and availability of IT services.


Services Improvement Program

Services Improvement Programs (SIP) describe an approach adopted by IT Services vendors to provide excellence in IT Management as a Service. It is designed to continually enhance the quality and effectiveness of IT services provided to customers.

Delivery involves identifying areas where improvements are needed, setting objectives, and implementing action plans to address issues and enhance services.

The SIP can include various initiatives such as process improvements, staff training, or technology upgrades to optimize service delivery, reduce downtime, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

By implementing a Services Improvement Program, IT Services vendors demonstrate a commitment to excellence and provide value to their customers by delivering reliable, effective and measurable IT services.


End User Support

End User Support is a critical aspect of Service provided by us.

It involves providing assistance and technical support to end-users who encounter problems with their computers, software applications, and other IT equipment.

Support is provided through various channels such as phone, email, or chat, and includes services such as troubleshooting, software installations, and hardware repairs.

Our primary objective of End User Support is to ensure that end-users can work productively with minimal interruptions or downtime.

By providing prompt and efficient End User Support, we improve user satisfaction, increase productivity, and minimize the impact of IT-related issues on business operations.


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence as a service focusing on building Modern Data Estates and Data Visualization

Many business don’t fully appreciate or exploit the value of their data.

In a cloud-based economy, there is so much value in connecting, engaging, sharing and exploiting data that it can no longer be ignored.

From simple reporting, to alerts, automation, visualization, interpretation and insights, to machine-learning, we do it all…

Want to work with leading technology partners?


Teams of experts

Great technology products mean nothing without the teams of exceptional people that drive them to become successful companies. We believe in the power of entrepreneurialism to improve and uplift society one person and one family at a time. We also believe that charity begins at home. That’s why we encourage everyone that works with us, to back themselves and start a business, and we provide infrastructure investment and support to help them succeed. It’s not just something we say, here are some real life examples of our intrapreneur investment program.

Micah Frank

Micah is leading CLOUD SERVICES ACUMEN into the future, packaging specialised Cloud services into tailor-made busines solutions for SME’s.

Micah will take you into the clouds and keep you safe there!

Claire Bester

Claire loves data and is using it to invest in herself and her team as the leader of DATA ACUMEN. Contact her for a Modern Data Estate that will save you time and money whilst unleashing the power of your data.

Mark Morris

With more than 4 decades of experience, Mark used his MARKETING ACUMEN to help his team start our purpose-built Marketing Automation Agency, REDROBIN, under the guidance of Robin Tindall.

If you’re looking to convert leads into sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Alex van den Bosch

When he isn’t designing and architecting complex IT systems, Alex is blazing the trail in mobile telecommunications with MOBINET.

If you’re looking for a Mobile PABX that work from home or on the road, makes you money and saves you time, call Alex.

Cobus van Deventer

Cobus’s passion for people and projects drew him to spearhead GiGTRIBE, a platform where you can find teams of specialists ready to deliver success using structured and curated processes along with specialised tools to ensure successful outcomes. Contact Cobus to find out more.

We build technology to blaze new trails by working with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas and big dreams.


CEO / Founder, Acumen