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You bring the vision.
We have the expertise. is a technology business built for today’s visionary leaders and innovators, working with extraordinary people to bring bold ideas to life in new ways, faster and more efficiently with less, than ever before.

Want to work with leading technology partners?


We build next-generation technology products and services that blaze new trails.

We believe strongly in the maxim that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” We’ve also learnt that one of the most common failings is in alignment of expectations at the outset.


What we’re good at, and enjoy doing

We love systemizing & re-using knowledge, experience and expertise to build better technology, faster & with less money.

Technology Development Projects

Improving or adding new infrastructure, systems, technology, and processes that help business grow and be more profitable in every way. We will also future-proof your current systems and add new technology components to existing architecture.

Supplemental internal IT Capability

Providing High performing teams to supplement internal personnel when they’re under pressure or delivering highly specialized services that are contracted on retainer with SLA-driven service-levels.

Technology Product Development

We absolutely love building new products for new ventures. Using a vast collection of micro-services to rapidly assemble, configure and build onto means we can do more, faster and with less.

Digital Transformations

Moving business from their old legacy systems that use outdated components, to modern, cloud-based solutions.

IT Infrastructure Management as a Service

We can provide a full outsource IT Management including Cloud Provisioning, maintenance and support, Network and End-User provisioning and support, Identity & Security, IOT and Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

If you need business intelligence as a service focusing on building Modern Data Estates, Automation and Learning systems as well as Data Visualization and Dashboards, call us.


We love systemizing & re-using knowledge, experience and expertise to build better technology, faster & with less money.

Work with leading technology partners.

Acumen builds technology that helps enterprises, innovators and entrepreneurs that want to radically scale or transform their business with future proofed and scalable technology solutions, whilst avoiding many of the prohibitive costs and risks associated with developing new, modern technologies.


What our visionaries (customers) are saying

“Acumen’s design-led development process really came to the fore with the minimum viable core of the MobiNET App being developed and released in under 8 weeks. This foundation has scaled to thousands of users without needing any revisions”

Alex van den BoschFounder & lead entrepreneur, MobiNET

“There is no challenge too big with Acumen on your side, it is an absolute pleasure to work with them”

FG AdriaanseManaging Director, Adagin Technologies (Pty) Ltd

“Not only a highly intelligent, efficient and resourceful software solutions company, is a centre of internet business innovation, with a lifestyle orientated attitude to business which aims to secure the long-term wellbeing of the business and the entrepreneur. A business dream is just a strategy away, with enough laughs to accompany the ups and downs of navigating a new business journey!”

Carina BruwerCEO, Gigster

“We have worked with various software companies over the years to help provide systems and processes to support our growth but we have always struggled to get what we want and have ended up either compromising on the end solution or not starting the project. We find Acumen’s approach incredibly refreshing and completely transparent. It’s been such a pleasure working with them and they have added so much value to what we do, that we find ourselves actively looking for ways to work with them more and they are now core to our strategy moving forward.”

William DukGroup CEO - Plantation Shutters®

“Acumen partnered with us to make a shared dream a reality. They significantly contributed to establishing the necessary foundation by providing the tools and experience to accelerate this process. I commend Acumen for their unprecedented commitment to trust and principle.”

JD NaudeCEO - Sigmavii

Team of Teams

High-performing teams aren’t a commodity, they’re a rarity formed over time, frequently under sustained pressure. They’ve not only honed their craft and individual expertise but also learnt to work together, to use processes and tools in disciplined ways and to take direction and leadership without needing management. When there is a shared consciousness, teams are far more likely to deliver on time and within budget and with less drama and fuss. That’s why so many new business ventures that have no margin for error trust acumen’ s teams and in so doing, become an extension of consciousness.

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