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Modern Data Agility

Modern data agility provides several benefits to organizations that rely on data to drive their operations and decision-making.

  • allows for seamless data integration across all sources, enabling organizations to analyse and gain insights from all relevant data.
  • offers a unified view of data, providing a holistic understanding of business operations and customer interactions.
  • leverages advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and AI, enabling organizations to identify patterns and trends that would be difficult to identify manually.
  • offers real-time data processing and analysis, enabling organizations to make timely decisions.
  • is highly scalable and flexible, allowing organizations to quickly adapt to changing business needs and data volumes.

Overall, data agility provides a competitive edge by enabling organizations to leverage data as a strategic asset and make data-driven decisions with confidence.



TimeXtender is a low-code, metadata-driven solution for data integration, providing all the features you need to build a future proof infrastructure capable of ingesting, transforming, modelling, and delivering lean reliable data in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

You can’t optimize for everything, that’s why TimeXtender takes a holistic approach to data integration that optimizes for agility, not fragmentation.

By unifying each layer of the data stack, TimeXtender empowers you to build data solutions 10X faster, while reducing your costs by 70%-80%.


Data Compliance

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach to compliance is more important than ever.

Not long ago, managing data just meant dealing with documents and emails. Pervasive digital technology and the rapid shift to remote work have greatly expanded the information universe. Much of that data becomes stale or unused immediately after creation and contains information that could impose a compliance risk.

Protecting information—wherever it goes—is critical to ensuring trust and meeting compliance requirements. But first, you need to know what data you have, where it is, how it’s being used, and compliance risks that may exist.

Data Risk Management gives you the insights you need to better discover, protect, and govern your corporate data.


Data Process Automation

Data process automation is a powerful tool that can significantly benefit organizations by streamlining their data workflows and improving their operational efficiency.

By automating data processes, organizations reduce the risk of human errors and improve data accuracy, ensuring that they are making informed decisions based on reliable data.

Automation reduces time and resources required to complete repetitive data tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher-value activities such as data analysis and strategic planning.

Data process automation also helps organizations scale their operations quickly and efficiently, allowing them to handle growing data volumes without increasing the workforce.

Organizations can gain a competitive edge by enabling faster response times, improving customer satisfaction, and driving innovation.


Data Visualization

Advanced data visualization techniques significantly benefit businesses by providing clear and concise ways to interpret complex data sets.

Data visualization transforms raw data into visual representations such as graphs, charts, and maps, enabling businesses to quickly identify patterns, trends, and insights. This helps businesses make data-driven decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the data.

Data visualization also makes it easier to communicate data insights to stakeholders, for more effective collaboration and decision-making.

Data visualization techniques also help businesses identify new opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Ultimately, visually appealing and easy to understand data visualization techniques help businesses to unlock the true potential of their data and drive business success.

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Teams of experts

Great technology products mean nothing without the teams of exceptional people that drive them to become successful companies. We believe in the power of entrepreneurialism to improve and uplift society one person and one family at a time. We also believe that charity begins at home. That’s why we encourage everyone that works with us, to back themselves and start a business, and we provide infrastructure investment and support to help them succeed. It’s not just something we say, here are some real life examples of our intrapreneur investment program.

Micah Frank

Micah is leading CLOUD SERVICES ACUMEN into the future, packaging specialised Cloud services into tailor-made busines solutions for SME’s.

Micah will take you into the clouds and keep you safe there!

Claire Bester

Claire loves data and is using it to invest in herself and her team as the leader of DATA ACUMEN. Contact her for a Modern Data Estate that will save you time and money whilst unleashing the power of your data.

Mark Morris

With more than 4 decades of experience, Mark used his MARKETING ACUMEN to help his team start our purpose-built Marketing Automation Agency, REDROBIN, under the guidance of Robin Tindall.

If you’re looking to convert leads into sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Alex van den Bosch

When he isn’t designing and architecting complex IT systems, Alex is blazing the trail in mobile telecommunications with MOBINET.

If you’re looking for a Mobile PABX that work from home or on the road, makes you money and saves you time, call Alex.

Cobus van Deventer

Cobus’s passion for people and projects drew him to spearhead GiGTRIBE, a platform where you can find teams of specialists ready to deliver success using structured and curated processes along with specialised tools to ensure successful outcomes. Contact Cobus to find out more.

We build technology to blaze new trails by working with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas and big dreams.


CEO / Founder, Acumen