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A look at what we’ve built

We invest in infrastructure, people, process and technology to build re-usable technology and solution frameworks that accelerate development whilst improving quality, reliability and stability.

Acumen is a co-founder, shareholder and primary technology partner for Adagin, developing innovation from plant-to-plate in the farming and fresh-produce industry.

Adagin’s vision is to simplify agricultural technology making it more accessible for everyone to use and benefit from.

A graduate of Stellenbosch Universities Launch Lab, Adagin approached Acumen to assist with technology innovation in 2017. Seven years and countless stereotypical start-up challenges later, the business is poised for global expansion having captured a significant portion of their home market base in the hand-harvested fresh product sector

Acumen worked with co-founder, Gretha van Rooyen to bring ease, simplicity, efficiency, and a touch of elegance, to a hugely complicated business challenge.

CMYK Marketing are retail visual marketing specialists.

Acumen helped Gretha, the founder of ShopFront, to systemize and automate the massive complexity that is involved in visual merchandising for corporate retailers. Bringing equally massive simplicity to the table, was Acumen and Gretha’s challenge.

The solution has been eagerly received by the early-adopter universe with an enthusiastic prospects awaiting commercial release.

Co-founder Craig approached Acumen for help with an engineering and construction challenge involving huge wastage as a result of time bandits on construction sites.

Better Times is a mobile time and attendance solution specifically for workforces at remote sites.

Leveraging innovation developed in the agricultural sector, Acumen worked with Craig to design and configure a solution that also addressed the unique challenges prevalent in the construction industry. Vast differences in context and approach mean rewriting the rule-book and adapting on many dimensions.

From small team, to start-up and international scale up, Acumen and FiberLean have grown up together.

FiberLean Technologies (a Werhahn Group company) is the world leader in Microfibrillated Cellulose with significant breakthroughs in new applications and platform technologies.

Acumen helped develop and establish information technology, operations and maintenance including Azure Cloud infrastructure and operations, ERP implementation, Office365, Hardware Procurement and End-User Support.

Traditional switchboards are dinosaurs in the modern, connected, mobile and work from home era. Acumen helped the founders of MobiNET to create the future of mobile business telephony.

MobiNET is a Mobile PABX for SME’s, operating on the GSM network to extend traditional switchboard concepts onto the road and into homes at affordable rates with exceptional reliability and quality.

Founders of MobiNET spotted the opportunity for a mobile PABX at the outset of the global pandemic and rushed to design, develop and launch the mobile PABX concept.

Acumen helped AgriLogiQ develop their management portal business logic, intelligence to collect, interpret and automate (IOT) sensor data.

AgrilogiQ provides innovative, simple and reliable Greenhouse Climate Automation for under cover farming operations that dramatically the improves quantity and quality of crop production. Getting involved at inception meant working closely with the founders to design and develop new technologies that automated increasing yields by optimising settings and configuration of undercover farms and their infrastructure based on changes in the climactic environment such as heat, moisture, wind-speed and wind direction.

Acumen helps ZestLife to out-sell and out-perform their competitors, to grow their business.

ZestLife is a leading provider in South Africa, of insurance products including medical, funeral, road-accident and group life cover.

Acumen’s Technical Design and DevOps practice worked closely with the internal development team to deliver tailor made, line of business solutions for the sales function.

Acumen co-founded and developed Yisani on our NopCommerce competency.

Yisani is an adaptation of an African word, translating into “Your consciousness”. Your (wellness) journey reflects the path we all walk to self-awareness and self knowledge.

Acumen designed and developed a curated journey for clients to navigate through their journey to wellness by accessing a variety of practitioners working symbiotically in the Yisani ecosystem. Yisani has successfully launched and is currently building its repertoire of practitioners and clients, in the caring hands of its entrepreneurs.

Utopian Brands is a great example of how innovation and efficiency delivers exponential business value to win share of market and grow profits.

Utopian Brands owns and operates a portfolio of specialized, synergistic business’s focused on premium wooden and aluminium shutters for residential housing.

Starting at the customer end of the equation, right through to the factory floor, Acumen helped Utopian Brands systemize success with Microsoft Azure, Business Central and Office 365 alongside specialized, line-of-business Application Development.


Acumen helped a Pan African Payments solution provider to build customer data visualisation and dashboards.

Our customer, a leading retail payments provider serving a large portion of the South African retail landscape required a solution to show their customers important performance metrics regarding payments systems and behaviours at their stores.

Acumen was engaged to provide vendor and customer-facing business intelligence platforms using data including every card transaction in every store. The business has since been acquired and remains one of the most successful payments solutions entities in Southern Africa.

Acumen helped Chaloner upgrade their online presence to increase SME reseller and direct to consumer purchases.

Chaloner produces a range of artisanal foods available at leading premium retailers in South Africa.

Acumen designed, developed and deployed an online presence and online shopping experience.

We love supporting local enterprise and SME entrepreneurs.

Acumen helped the founders conceptualize and innovate with Skills Café to introduce a new age of recruitment.

Skills Café moves beyond the barriers and inefficiencies of dealing with multitudes of CV’s and expensive recruitment fees, to decentralize and automate recruitment at scale.

Acumen developed AI and Machine Learning approaches to streamline and fine-tune acquisition, reviewing and selection at high-volumes of applicants, deliver a unique, high value adding service by Skills Café.

Acumen helped Spinnakers Arch retail management solutions achieve digital transformation to the Cloud.

Arch provides Fully integrated in-store retail management systems.

Acumen developed an ecommerce platform that Arch had unrestricted freedom to extend and configure exciting online shopping environments for their retail customers that completes the omni-channel shopping experience.

Acumen is helping Tastewise with technology modernisation, transformation to the Cloud as well as with innovative Technology Product Development.

Tastewise is a leading and the most trusted and respected fresh foods agency service in the market segments within which they operate. Customers include some of the best know retail brands such as Pick n Pay.

Acumen is assisting to modernise and commercialise fresh foods and deli management systems for retailers along with distributed training and compliance management systems for bakers at these retailers.

Acumen is helping Professional Vision Group to modernise their eLearning platform to grow at scale.

Professional Vision Group (PVG) was established in 1992 as a specialist Fresh Food consultancy operating in the food retail, manufacturing, hospitality and convenience sectors. Core services are e-Learning, training and content development.
PVG has grown to be recognised as one of the leading and most trusted solutions providers in SA and Southern Africa.

Acumen has helped PVG capitalize on its success by easily coping with the systems and technology challenges that come with rapid scale. Using an elastic architecture in the Azure cloud to expand autonomously as demand from clients and users grow has helped PVG to maintain superior service through its expansion phases.


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