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Building technology

We provide a full suite of technical and implementation services to help companies design, build, operate and support innovative technology solutions.

Process Overview

  • We believe strongly in the maxim that “failing to plan is planning to fail.” We’ve also learnt that one of the most common failings is in alignment of expectations at the outset.
  • A disciplined “Design Thinking” phase precedes all our technology build phases.
  • Then, we take an AGILE approach to development, with frequent check-ins, alignment and adjustment to keep all stakeholders on track.
  • We didn’t need to re-invent the wheel to be good at what we do, just learn from experience, and from others…

Technology Projects

Many of our customers have IT systems that are key intrinsic assets for their business, containing much of their IP and ensuring continuity and customer satisfaction.

Yet, they’re also often outdated or underperforming, holding back business growth.

So, if you’re contemplating building a new system or upgrading an old one, or simply migrating tech from old to new or stack to stack, give us a call. We will future-proof systems that keep you in business and fuel your growth.


Supplementing internal IT Capability or capacity

Companies often struggle to balance operational needs against innovation priorities that can overwhelm the capability or capacity of an internal team.

We understand that adding specialized skills to payroll is a bad and expensive idea when you don’t have a full-time need.

Acumen provides high-performing teams on a project-by-project basis to complete research and development (R&D) projects or highly specialized skills on a retainer-basis or through SLA mechanisms.


Technology Product Development

Building new products for new ventures is a specialized skill that gets better with practice.

We’ve helped many start ups to ideate, conceptualize, evaluate and plan their new product before taking them through a structured process that is purpose built for innovation.

We use the same approach, tools and processes ourselves, feeding into our venture-building partnership with

And, we have many case studies and references to prove it works.


Digital Transformations

The Cloud changed everything! Just like AI is set to have a massive impact on our future, migrating to the cloud is already a modern business imperative.

Acumen helps many business’s on their journey from legacy systems with outdated components, to modern, cloud-based solutions.

Don’t be left behind…


IT Infrastructure Management as a Service

Full outsource IT Management including Cloud Provisioning, maintenance and support, Network and End-User provisioning and support, Identity & Security, IOT (Internet of Things) and Business Intelligence.

The in-house IT model is dated. Unless you’re an IT company, having an in-house IT department that covers all your IT bases, simply doesn’t make sense anymore.

Contact us for a much more effective and efficient alternative.


Business Intelligence

Business intelligence as a service focusing on building Modern Data Estates and Data Visualization.

Many business don’t fully appreciate or exploit the value of their data.

In a cloud-based economy, there is so much value in connecting, engaging, sharing and exploiting data that it can no longer be ignored.

From simple reporting, to alerts, automation, visualization, interpretation and insights, to machine-learning, we do it all…







Teams of experts

Great technology products mean nothing without the teams of exceptional people that drive them to become successful companies. We believe in the power of entrepreneurialism to improve and uplift society one person and one family at a time. We also believe that charity begins at home. That’s why we encourage everyone that works with us, to back themselves and start a business, and we provide infrastructure investment and support to help them succeed. It’s not just something we say, here are some real life examples of our intrapreneur investment program.

Micah Frank

Micah is leading CLOUD SERVICES ACUMEN into the future, packaging specialised Cloud services into tailor-made business solutions for SME’s.

Micah will take you into the clouds and keep you safe there!

Claire Bester

Claire loves data and is using it to invest in herself and her team as the leader of DATA ACUMEN. Contact her for a Modern Data Estate that will save you time and money whilst unleashing the power of your data.

Mark Morris

With more than 4 decades of experience, Mark used his MARKETING ACUMEN to help his team start our purpose-built Marketing Automation Agency, REDROBIN, under the guidance of Robin Tindall.

If you’re looking to convert leads into sales, you’ve come to the right place.

Alex van den Bosch

When he isn’t designing and architecting complex IT systems, Alex is blazing the trail in mobile telecommunications with MOBINET.

If you’re looking for a Mobile PABX that works from home or on the road, makes you money and saves you time, call Alex.

Cobus van Deventer

Cobus’s passion for people and projects drew him to spearhead GiGTRIBE, a platform where you can find teams of specialists ready to deliver success using structured and curated processes along with specialised tools to ensure successful outcomes. Contact Cobus to find out more.

We build technology to blaze new trails by working with leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who have visionary ideas and big dreams.


CEO / Founder, Acumen