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To succeed in today’s digital era, every company should embrace a “technology company” mindset by investing in digital capabilities and technical talent. Digital transformation is imperative for business survival in the information age. Virtually every industry is experiencing disruption due to technology; new technologies are shaping customer expectations, and competitors are using them to their advantage. Examples of companies that failed to digitally transform, like Kodak, BlackBerry, and Nokia, highlight the existential threat of ignoring this reality.

There are a few ways for companies to join the tech evolution:

Invest in digital capabilities such as AI, cloud computing, and automation.

Hire technical talent and build an engineering culture.

Partner with startups and tech companies.

Change leadership mindsets to value technology.

Even companies such as must embrace a new technology mindset every day. To be at the leading edge of change, we invested in Cloud Services capabilities alongside data science and analytics, business intelligence, and e-commerce, to name only a few digital transformation initiatives.

We’ve invested in an innovative startup venture-builder, fiftyknots, alongside frameworks and platforms that complement venture-building capabilities.

Our clients operate in an increasingly competitive world in which information and technology combine to provide strategic and operational advantages, so we have built a team with the skills and mindset to help them thrive.

The key takeaways are clear:

• Digital transformation is essential for business success today.

• Companies must adopt a tech company mindset by investing in digital capabilities, partnering with technical talent, and valuing and investing in innovation.

• The time for change is now. Start your digital transformation journey and unleash your company’s full potential in today’s tech-driven world. Together, we can build a better future. Contact us if you’re looking for the perfect technology partner to help you achieve your digital transformation imperative.

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