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The sustainability landscape lacks maturity and expertise which is further exacerbated by a lack of transparency due to disparate, unreliable and disorganised data. 

GCX, sustainability data experts, solve this problem by taking their clients relevant data and putting it to work.  They assist in the collection, automation and management of the data and utilise GCX DASH – their proprietary ESG platform to provide businesses with a consolidated and comparable view of all their organisation’s sustainability impacts to drive positive impact.

Through a convergence of expertise and digital transformation, GCX produce fit-for-purpose ESG solutions that enable companies to set, track and achieve their sustainability goals and targets. 


The sustainability sector is often riddled with ineffective data collection and management practices, which leads to scattered and unreliable data. GCX faced these challenges head-on as they juggled a burgeoning client base and an explosion of data. GCX utlised a PowerBI system to manage this data, while initially effective, soon became inadequate for the scale of GCX’s operations. The need for a robust data management system was palpable.

Enter Taariq Toffar, Senior Data Scientist, and Digital Director, Bernard Jacobs, who spearheaded the migration of data to SQL to overcome the limitations of PowerBI. Despite this, transforming the data into actionable insights remained an arduous task. Their stopgap—using PowerQuery and SSIS—proved inefficient, prompting the search for a more agile solution.

Transformation with TimeXtender

Acumen’s intervention was pivotal. Having previously collaborated with CTO Abhijit Nath, they recommended TimeXtender. A proof of concept phase validated TimeXtender’s efficacy, leading to its full-scale adoption. This tool not only streamlined data consolidation but also enhanced the user experience by centralizing operations on a single platform.


The shift to TimeXtender has been transformative for GCX. It has simplified the normalization of diverse environmental datasets, providing newfound scalability to their operations. Taariq Toffar lauds the user-friendliness and SQL-like capabilities of TimeXtender, while Bernard Jacobs emphasizes the leap from manual processes to automated efficiency. The platform’s traceability feature has also been a game-changer, ushering in an era of transparent and manageable ESG data.

Future Horizons

With their sights set high, GCX is poised to delve deeper into digital innovation, integrating AI and LLM models into their repertoire, all the while leveraging TimeXtender and PowerBI for comprehensive ETL consolidation.

About Acumen

Acumen’s philosophy centers on the synergistic power of collaboration and shared knowledge. For over two decades, they have championed the creation of value-driven systems through mindful co-creation, embodying values of courage, curiosity, and reciprocity to foster environments where innovative solutions thrive. Contact us for more information.

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