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At, innovation is at the core of our culture. We help ambitious organizations solve complex problems through data-driven insights and strategic solutions. By hiring innovative people, fostering collaboration, providing time for experimentation, offering learning opportunities, and recognizing innovative efforts, we’ve built an environment where new ideas can flourish.

Lesson 1: Hire innovative people

To drive innovation, hire people with the skills, mindsets, and passion to think creatively. At, we look for curiosity, flexibility, and a thirst for continuous learning. Other leading companies like Google and 3M give more weight to general cognitive ability and learning potential than specific credentials. By hiring people adept at making unexpected connections, these companies build the brainpower to solve complex challenges.

Lesson 2: Foster collaboration

Break down silos and build collaborative teams to spur innovation. At, we emphasize cross-functional collaboration through open office spaces, shared work areas, and company-wide meetings. Other innovative companies, like Pixar and IDEO, also design workspaces that bring different roles and teams together. Fostering collaboration exposes us to diverse perspectives and helps us integrate ideas in new ways.

Lesson 3: Provide time for experimentation  

Give employees opportunities to explore new concepts freely. At, the team has bi-annual “getaways,” and developers have discretion to work on anything that interests them for 20% of their time. Other companies like 3M and Google offer similar programs, as well as sabbaticals for longer-term experimentation. By giving employees time to learn, experiment, and follow their passions, companies gain new insights and ideas.

Lesson 4: Offer learning opportunities 

Continuous learning fuels an innovative culture. At, we support employees efforts to advance their skills through online courses, conferences, and education sponsorship. Innovative companies like IDEO send employees to learn from other organizations and industries. By expanding our knowledge, we open ourselves to new ways of thinking and tackling problems.

Lesson 5: Recognize and reward innovation

To encourage innovation, recognize, and reward creative efforts and outcomes. At, we support and encourage entrepreneurial creativity with selective venture-building support that provides ownership and rewards success with meaningful financial gain. Google gives out bonuses and additional compensation for outstanding, innovative work. Public recognition and financial rewards also reinforce a culture where innovation is valued and supported.

In today’s fast-paced world, innovation is key to progress. Following the examples of industry leaders, companies can build cultures where new ideas are nurtured and given space to develop.

The lessons of hiring for innovation, fostering collaboration, providing time to experiment, offering learning opportunities, and recognizing innovation help create environments where creativity can thrive.

If we do take action to implement these lessons and allow innovation to flourish, the potential benefits to our organizations and communities are immense.

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