Retail Acumen

The future of retail shopper marketing is here. We use a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning and big data to facilitate personal engagement, individualised rewards and recognition for brands, retailers and shoppers.


The future of retail shopper marketing is programatic

Traditional demographic and geo-targeting approaches for delivering brand messages are becoming more and more inefficient compared to how we are able to leverage newer technologies to reshape the way that retailers and brands connect and engage with current and prospective shoppers. The table below illustrates just some of the ways that we’re dealing with a multi-faceted paradigm shift in approaches to retail shopper marketing.

Past & Present Future
Systems Rigid Planning Systems Flexible, living systems
Price Expensive to design, build and run Inexpensive, Self funding, using commodity hardware in the cloud
Management Complex to manage Self-organising based on opportunities
Efficiency Inefficient – accepted redundancy Highly efficient – every cent has a job
Commitment High levels of locked-in commitment Adaptable and flexible opt-in/out
Data Access Some of the data some of the time All of the data all of the time
Communication Broadcast / Broadsheet Narrowcast, rifle-shot communications
Shoppers Shoppers profiled and segmented into ‘boxes’ Shoppers treated as individuals
Results Unpredictable single-digit results Predictable, high value performance


At retail, we’re building innovative platforms for collaboration by Suppliers and Retailers to communicate and engage directly with large universes of active shoppers whose behaviors show high-propensity to buy. Our platforms are designed to use transactional data and machine learning to close millions of individualized offer-response-reward loops in near real-time.

Everyone Wins



Are able to select and invest in the most profitable shopper marketing campaigns, based on predictable return on marketing spend.



Are able to build personalised shopper relationships with predictable increases in sales and profit without need to discount or erode margins.



Receive individualized, relevant, significant and meaningful offers and rewards for guided shopping behaviour.

How it works

Predictive Analytics

Uses a combination of machine learning and forecasting techniques to help us identify the most valuable opportunities for shoppers, stores and suppliers.

Big Data

Our proprietary “ShopperGraph” technology helps us match the most valuable offers with each individual shopper.

Mobile Wallets

HelpIing us to communicate individualised offers and deliver relevant, significant and meaningful rewards, almost instantaneously.

Acumen Zone

We invest in and help to build companies that make doing business simpler, easier, smarter, more efficient, profitable and fun through intelligent use of technology.

Business Systems Incubator

Building and managing companies that do better business to become successful in their own right.

Using technology intelligently

We build our own technology products and apply what we learn to build technology products for our customers.

Taking ideas to execution

If you have a good idea, a concept, a prototype or even a new business and you’re looking for help to make it succeed, we may be able to help.

Who we work with

Just as our relationships with customers developed through long term delivery of high quality products and services, so too have our trusted partner relationships evolved. We work with companies and people that have repeatedly proven their worth over time. It’s no surprise that we value our business partner ecosystem

Zebra Technologies
Pattern Matched
Dimension Data

The Core Team

A committed team of highly involved stakeholders is at the heart of Acumen. This team has worked together for more than 6 years and some relationships within the group go back as far as 30 years.



Mark Morris

CEO, visionary, conceptual solution architect, strategic consultant, serial start-up entrepreneur and business executive.



Alex van den Bosch

CTO, Head of Development and multifaceted technology guru. Responsible for technical innovation and maintaining technical standards of execution.



Justin Vellacott

COO and generally responsible for overseeing that things get done the right way, the first time, on-time and within-budget.


Data Scientist

Chris Mills

Chief Data Scientist and passionate explorer of the interconnectedness of society and the natural world.

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What we're offering

  • Use the platform for free
  • Pay per usage of cloud services and infrastructure.
  • Self-funding campaigns
  • Self-funding rewards

Required to start

  • Hourly/Daily POS data
  • 12-18 months back-data (We will provide an API template)
  • (Optional) Transactional data linked to shopper