Brand Acumen

For Brand Owners, Sales & Merchandising Agencies and Distribution companies

An affordable mobile sales force automation platform that is easy to install, configure and simple to use but has all the power & sophistication of large enterprise systems

What we do

Starting in 2000 and becoming part of the JustEnough Mobile Solutions portfolio in 2008, Brand Acumen’s Mobile Sales Force Automation suite was developed and fine-tuned over a period of more than 15 years, and used by leading companies including Heineken in South and Central West Africa, Cadbury’s, Kraft Foods and Mondelez, SAB Miller Africa, Vector Sales Solutions and SAB Limited SA.

Starting in 2014 with a brand new release of the software and name change following an exit from the JustEnough Group, Acumen has been able to significantly reduce the cost barriers to entry as well as complexity of installing and managing mobile sales force automation systems.

Also in 2014, we also made the call to offer the platform in a franchise model for owner-operators that had access to customers with the need for Mobile Sales Automation and Mobile Sales Force Automation.

Today, we’re engaging with a number of new operators, applying our experience to helping them start and make a success of their business, using Brand Acumen software and our experience as a foundation

What’s in the box?

Call planning

Maximise sales with accurate sales call scheduling & execution…

Retail Execution

Make sure the retail execution job is done properly. Automatically Manage objectives, tactics, surveys and tasks in the field…

Mobile Sales orders

Make up sales orders in the field and process them immediately… Cash Van Sales module sales off the van including all paperwork

Sales Management

Keep an eye on your sales force and manage their performance from your office. Dashboards, Reports, Alerts and more management tools…

The secret sauce…

Great Software is only a part of the equation. Making it work in the wide wonderful world and ensuring that it produces the results is what matters…

We’ll set you up for success. Whether it’s self-sufficient or fully-serviced.

Brand Acumen

Downloadable Software

Starting from as little as $10 per user / month and up to $25 per user / month, its very rare that you will find enterprise class mobile software at this price, never mind the class leading capabilities and proven track record of this software platform...

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Retail Acumen

Hosting in the cloud

Hosting cost is affected by the number of users as well as the volume of data that is moved per month.

Our team of experts at Acumen will help you configure the best & most affordable solution for your business needs taking all aspects into account such as security and backup…

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Industrial Acumen

Mobile networks

Secure data transfer from the field to your office. A private APN is one of the most secure technology environments as it’s a closed system by nature. Acumen provides guidelines including data allowances, handsets and mobile user policies…

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Financial Acumen

Services & Support

Experienced consultants will help you install and train 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support infrastructure.We’ll also help with managed-services where required including operational, strategic and capability development roadmaps. Your feedback fuels our product development focus and continuous refinement of our solutions for you...

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Our Work

Our Partners

Just as our relationships with customers developed through long term delivery of high quality products and services, so too have our trusted partner relationships evolved. We work with companies and people that have repeatedly proven their worth over time. It’s no surprise that we value our business partner ecosystem enough to call it our “partnership equity”

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